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The history of CENTRO AUTO ROSSI began in 1975 based on an idea of ​​owner and founder CARLINO ROSSI who'd already gained great experience in the commercial field and in the automobile industry in particular. He decided to undertake this challenge, aware of the difficulties he'd face but determined and confident in facing the automotive market.

The primary objective of Mr. ROSSI from the beginning was and still is: THE CUSTOMER. And it is from this starting point that Mr Rossi has focused his work.

Interpreting customers' needs to combine the best buy at the lowest price: the idea was to search for the most affordable cars to offer. On this basis, he contacted FIAT employees and thanks to this was able to find practically NEW stock cars at DISCOUNTED prices.

After preparing an adequate support network to guarantee the best results for his customers, the range of brands and models offered was implemented.

A new system and the benefits for our clients

Centro Auto Rossi invested in a NEW SYSTEM of access to non-new cars, but with the same features, generating much more attractive business results.

In the following years, Centro Auto Rossi was able to contact other manufacturers, the most prestigious ones on the market, and in particular MERCEDES BENZ - AUDI - VOLKSWAGEN - BMW - RENAULT ...

Currently CENTRO AUTO ROSSI is able to supply the most sought-after models at very competitive prices, ensuring customer specific assistance for each type of car.

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